About ROD-L Electronics, Inc.


In 1977 former HP Executive Roy Clay, Sr. created ROD-L Electronics, Inc. to set the standard for electrical insulation breakdown detection for manufacturers in the data processing, office equipment, home appliance, medical equipment, telecommunications, and other powerline product industries. In the years that followed, ROD-L partnered with engineers from AT&T, HP, IBM, Tektronix, Xerox, Stanford, and UC Berkeley to produce the first hipot and electrical-safety testers with electronically-controlled voltage ramp-ups, variable ramp-rates, real current monitoring, two-millisecond safety-shutdowns, ten-microsecond arc detection, eight kilovolt rated device-under-test power receptacles, and other advancements. The results also led to the first hipot testers deemed safe enough to receive UL approval, a Consumer Product Safety Award, and insurability by the Chubb & Son Insurance Company. In addition, the results helped manufacturers ensure compliance with all applicable electrical product safety recommendations established by the UL, BSI, VDE, FCC, CSA, and equivalent safety and regulatory agencies around the world. Today ROD-L continues to manufacture those same safe, efficient, and reliable hipot and electrical-safety compliance testers for production and lab environments.
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