Provides web-accessible test-result logging for ROD-L testers


The MC60 safety-test data logging system greatly reduces the time and
costs associated with recording the electrical safety test results from your
ROD-L AC hipot, DC hipot, or ground-bond tester. For companies that often
spend ten or more minutes logging test results in a day, this product can
pay for itself and help save money within the first year. This factory retrofit
of your ROD-L tester provides internal storage of the test results, wireless
web access to the stored results, external back-up of the results to USB
flash drives, test result printing, and product barcode scanning for faster
and more reliable device-under-test identification. Contact us to learn more.


• Lets you view both your active tests and your completed test results with your web browser
• Lets you record the ID of the product to test via barcode scanner or web-browser keyboard input
• Lets you use a handheld barcode scanner to start the tests and read the product IDs simultaneously
• Lets you automatically prepend or append customized text to any scanned product ID barcodes
• Saves your completed test results within the tester automatically for possible review later
• Lets you back-up any test results stored in the tester to an attached USB 2.0 flash drive
• Lets you start and track tests from across your IP network using your own custom code
• Supports 802.11n/b/g Wi-Fi for wireless access (and 10/100BaseTX for the Wi-Fi setup)
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