Detects up to 4000 megaohms at 500 VDC


Now you can perform safe, rapid and efficient insulation resistance testing up to 4000 megaohms at 500 VDC with
the ROD-L Electronics model M300RT. The model M300RT insulation resistance tester performs both insulation
resistance and ground continuity testing in compliance with the UL, VDE, BSI, IEC, and MIL STD 202 test standards.
These standards help limit your exposure to product liability claims and risk of producing electrically unsafe products.
This tester also discharges the device-under-test (DUT) within 2 ms in order to further assure that no serious harm
will come to the operator or the device-under-test while high voltage is present. In addition, this tester comes with a
special front-panel high voltage outlet (rated at 8 kV) that you can use to connect your devices-under-test to the
tester without exposure to high voltage cabling clips. Clip leads and the ROD-L MP21 Test Probe may also be used
for testing devices without power cords, such as motors, transformers and PC boards. Contact us to request a quote.


• Perform safe, fast, efficient insulation resistance testing up to 4000 megaohms at 500 VDC
• Satisfy quality assurance, testing, or production requirements
• Comply with electrical safety standards
• Reduce exposure to product liability claims
• Assure product electrical-safety during power line surges
• Test electrical products of all kinds, including electrical appliances, motors, transformers, and PC boards


• Compatible with ROD-L hipot and ground bond testers
• Tests in compliance with UL, VDE, IEC, and MIL STD 202 standards
• Performs high voltage shutdown and device-under-test discharge within 2 milliseconds of the end of the test
• Performs rapid discharge of the device-under-test (DUT) following shutdown
• Includes a fully-automatic test cycle
• Signals when tester is ready, chassis ground is good, test is progressing, and test has passed or failed
• Includes rear-panel presets for voltage ramp rate, test time, and insulation resistance trip point
• Includes switch-selectable ramp-rate and test-time combinations
• Includes arc detection
• May be interconnected with the M25 ground bond tester or any ROD-L hipot tester to facilitate sequential testing
• Verifies existence of 0.5 Ohms or less (while applying 1.5 VAC) during chassis ground monitoring
• Shuts down the high voltage with audible and visible failure alarms upon loss of acceptable safety ground continuity
• Inhibits high voltage if the security chassis ground is not secure
• Includes a front panel outlet for the device-under-test that prevents operator exposure to high voltage during the test
• Includes visual and audible alarms for detection of arcs, low insulation resistance, and ground fault failures




          Dimensions: 16.75" x 5.25" x 13.25" (43 cm x 13 cm x 34 cm)
          Net Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)
     Shipping Weight: 29 lbs (13 kg)
               Color: Mint Grey/Olive Grey


     Insulation Resistance Detection: Up to 4000 megaohms
              Maximum Output Voltage: 50 to 500 Volts DC, user-adjustable
            Output Voltage Ramp Rate: 50 V/sec to 5000 V/sec, user-adjustable
                           Test Time: 1 to 180 seconds, user-adjustable
                       Arc Detection: Yes
           End-of-Test Shutdown Time: 2 milliseconds
                  Line Input Voltage: 115/230 Volts AC, 44-66 Hz
   Maximum Line Input Power Required: 300 Watts


01. Remote Control (Digital)
05. Hands-Off Operation
06. Real Panel Lockout Cover
10. Audible Test Tone
15. Rack Mount Kit
18. Ohms Sense (with Front Panel Receptacle blanked out)
19. Remote Control (Analog and Digital)
20. Ohms Sense
23. Digital Panel Meters
24. Blank Front Panel (Start)
27. "No Load" Trip Point Setting
29. Two Switch-Selectable Voltages (250V/500V Normal)
ROD-L M300RT Insulation Resistance Tester
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