Calibration, Warranty, and Applications Engineering Support Services


Certain regulatory agencies require that your testers be calibrated at least once every twelve
months. Depending on your situation, you may also opt to receive calibration services more than
once per year. If you are not sure how frequently your equipment should be calibrated, please

In addition, your unit will receive factory warranted parts and repair coverage for a twelve month
period following each factory calibration. So with annual factory calibrations, your tester will receive
continuous warranty coverage.

Please contact us if you need to have your ROD-L tester serviced.


Every new ROD-L tester is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years
following the date of delivery. ROD-L Electronics, Inc. will repair or replace any defective tester that is
returned to ROD-L during the warranty period.


The applications engineers at ROD-L are electrical-safety testing experts. When you purchase any
ROD-L product our expertise comes with it! We can help you determine the test parameters required for
your product, the safe and consistent testing procedures for your product, and how to develop any test
customizations that your facility or test procedures may require. For more information on how we can
help you, please contact us.
ROD-L Hipot and Electrical Safety Tester Services and Support
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